My first blog

I am now part of ONL162. I joined the course to learn new methods to communicate, interact and collaborate with others in my research, learning and teaching activities. The opening of the course was really nice. Just the fact that I am now connected with people all over the world makes me realise what a great resource this course is going to be. I also enjoyed the first webinar. I am used to closed discussions in small groups, but chatting with forty people was surprisingly easy and effective. Receiving immediate response to my comments and questions felt like an adrenaline rush. This week, we also had our first PBL group meeting. It was lovely to talk with the members of my group and I look forward to discussing our first scenario.

To be completely honest, I am also confused and overwhelmed. The course feels massive and there are  many learning spaces that are completely new to me. Time is also a big concern. My schedule is crowded at the moment, with  duties as a research leader,  teaching responsibilities and two wonderful little girls at home. But I am willing to dedicate time to learn, participate and enjoy this course. Will this course open my mind and guide my teaching and research towards an open learning philosophy? Will it empower me to use methods and technology that I am not confident with?

I am ready for the learning journey.


2 thoughts on “My first blog

  1. Well done Victoria on your openess and honesty yet keeness to learn. Your feelings of being overwhelmed are completely normal. As easy as it is to say don’t worry I feel your stress and angst. This is exactly what the course elicits and through this we learn and we are able to help one another when we learn something. Your participation when you can is great. Keep on blogging and interacting on the Google+ platform and we can all learn together which leads to a better understanding of that huge space called the internet and applications

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  2. Hi Victoria, I like your description of the webinar with all the participants and the chat going on, it made me realise what a new type of learning activity webinars are… They are so different from meeting face to face in a regular seminar or meeting with colleagues etc. I also like your questions at the end, looking forward to if you have answers to them at the end of the course!

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